Bryan Stevinson

Sera Gira Consulting, LLC


Bryan Stevinson is a former Central Intelligence Agency Operations Officer with the National Clandestine Service’s Near East and South Asia Division. While at CIA, he conducted human source intelligence (HUMINT) collection operations in support of high priority covert action programs in the Middle East and South Asia—conducted operations in several war theaters where he received five Agency performance awards and one Meritorious Unit Citation Award for work against a high profile, top-tier counterterrorism target. In July 2013, Bryan established Sera Gira Consulting, LLC, an independent strategic and security consultancy that provides HUMINT and irregular warfare operational support and training for the Joint Special Operations Command and U.S. Government agencies operating worldwide. Bryan is an alumnus of Davidson College and National Taiwan Normal University. (This bio is current to when the participant joined FDD’s National Security Network.)

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