Adam Yang

U.S. Marine Corps


Adam Yang is a Marine Corps Communications and Information Operations Officer and currently serves as a Doctoral Fellow for the Commandant of the Marine Corps Strategist Program. Adam is a full-time PhD Student at the School of International Studies at American University and his research interests include grand strategy, strategic theory, information warfare, space and cyberspace operations, U.S.-China relations, and alliance politics. Prior to this assignment, he served as the Information Operations Officer for III Marine Expeditionary Force in Okinawa, Japan. He has previously deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has conducted numerous bilateral engagements with the militaries of Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, and Taiwan. Adam graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2005 and holds graduate degrees from Georgetown University, the Naval Postgraduate School, and Marine Corps University. (This bio is current to when the participant joined FDD’s National Security Alumni Network.)

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