Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare

An FDD project aiming to provide a foundation for the U.S. government and 
policy community to better understand adversarial cyber-enabled economic warfare threats.


With new cyber attacks reported daily, the need for improved cyber security has permeated policy and popular debates. And yet, there is still a gap in U.S. strategic thinking: Information technology developments are being adapted to cause economic damage. The fundamental drivers of this threat landscape are clear. Cyber-enabled economic warfare is escalating because opportunities for conducting it, thanks to new technologies, are rapidly expanding and potential gains from its successful pursuit are enormous. Both the U.S. and its adversaries are responding to and shaping the battle space and international norms through their choices. Yet little is being done to analyze emerging dynamics and threats to the U.S. and its allies.

FDD’s cyber-enabled economic warfare project aims to promote a greater understanding within the U.S. government, private sector, and allied countries of the threats and opportunities that the new environment poses and assist policymakers develop and implement a winning strategy for the United States within this domain.

At the same time, in order to defend our economy – the foundation of American power – from cyber attacks, we need revolutionary, society-wide improvement in cyber resilience. While there are off-the-shelf technological solutions to address components of the vulnerabilities we face, unless technology is married with policy innovations, the significant lag between idea, pilot, and wide-spread adoption cripples our ability to solve the thorniest of cyber challenges. With this as our mission, FDD also launched the Transformative Cyber Innovation Lab (TCIL) which will bridge the gap between technology, policy, and governance.

The cyber-enabled economic warfare project is led by Dr. Samantha Ravich, member of CEFP’s Board of Advisors and former deputy national security advisor to the Office of the Vice President and co-chair of the National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs in the U.S. Intelligence Community. She also serves as Chairman of FDD’s TCIL. FDD CEO and expert on economic sanctions Mark Dubowitz and CSIF Chairman and former deputy national security adviser for combatting terrorism Juan Zarate serve as senior advisors to the project.


CEEW Board of Advisors



The Battlefield of Today and Tomorrow: Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare

November 13, 2018 | 10:00 am