August 19, 2022 | Foreign Podicy

After the Fall: Lessons Learned and Unlearned in Afghanistan



One year ago, the U.S. military, under orders from the White House, allowed the Taliban to re-take control of Afghanistan.

The withdrawal was poorly planned. The evacuation of Americans and American allies was chaotic and, for some — including 13 American service members — fatal.

One year later, what’s the status of Afghanistan? What’s the status of the Taliban’s ally, al Qaeda? What lessons have we learned? What lessons have we not learned?

Joining host Cliff May to discuss: LTG (Ret.) H.R. McMaster, former White House National Security Advisor who now serves as Chairman of the Board of Advisors at FDD’s Center on Military and Political Power (CMPP); Bradley Bowman, senior director of FDD’s CMPP; and Bill Roggio, FDD senior fellow and editor of FDD’s Long War Journal.



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