July 22, 2022 | Foreign Podicy

The Battles of Britain

July 22, 2022 Foreign Podicy

The Battles of Britain



Great Britain is in the midst of a leadership crisis.

The decline and fall of the always-entertaining Boris Johnson has led to a stormy contest among Conservative Party politicians to replace him, and the Labour Party now has a chance to replace the Conservatives.

It’s complicated as are the consequences of Brexit, the separate Brexit of Harry and Meghan and their transformation into the Duke and Duchess of Hollywood.

To help make sense of it all, host Cliff May is joined by Nile Gardiner.

Nile Gardiner

Nile is director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom.

Earlier in his career, he was Foreign Policy Researcher for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, advising her on international policy and assisting with her book, Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World.

Nile is extraordinarily well-educated. He received a doctorate in history from Yale University. He also has two master’s degrees from Yale, and a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in modern history from Oxford University. He has lived in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.


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