September 3, 2015 | Quote

Iran Deal’s DC Opponents Down but Not Out

Although Senator Barbara Mikulski’s announcement that she intends to throw her support behind the Iranian nuclear deal guaranteed victory for US President Barack Obama on Capitol Hill, groups that oppose the current Iran deal redoubled their efforts Wednesday evening, rallying supporters to continue their advocacy against the agreement.

Some of the deal’s opponents expect a holding game until the 2016 elections, when a new president – Democrat or Republican – may lack the political will or desire to continue to confront Congress to uphold a deal. In that case, maintaining pressure on legislators to keep the debate over Iran on the front burner would ensure that even an incoming Democrat would have to chose to take on Congress over the deal, or to let Congress take steps against the agreement.

But the deal’s opponents may not even have to wait until a new president is sworn in in January 2017 to see action on Capitol Hill.


Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and a frequent participant in congressional hearings regarding the Iran deal said that for the deal’s opponents, “the next steps are to convert the 60 percent bipartisan rejection of this deal by Congress and the deep anguish that many congressional supporters of the deal are experiencing into bipartisan legislation to target the Revolutionary Guards for its support for terrorism and regional violence.”


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