August 17, 2015 | Quote

Iran’s Shopping List Disputed in U.S. Debate Over Nuclear Deal

The U.S. debate over the Iran nuclear accord is turning in part on conflicting assessments of the Islamic Republic’s likely shopping list.

While President Barack Obama contends Iran will fund urgent domestic needs with most of the money it obtains once frozen assets are released, his Republican opponents say they expect the newly flush Islamic Republic to binge on weapons support for regional terrorism.


Along with expanding its military and further promoting terrorism, Iran also is likely to become more prosperous once the end of sanctions allows it to do business again with much of the world, says Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

If Iran were to cheat on the nuclear deal, thus requiring the imposition of fresh sanctions, it could prove more difficult to punish the Iranian economy.

“You could see a situation where Iran is a much tougher target,” says Dubowitz, who advised Congress in the formulation of the existing sanctions.


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