June 13, 2015 | Quote

As an Iran Deal Nears, the Lobbying, Pro and Con, Intensifies

Speaking at a retirement service for his childhood rabbi last weekend, Steven Fulop, mayor of Jersey City, surprised the congregation by devoting much of his remarks to ongoing negotiations over a nuclear deal with Iran.

The deadline for completing the deal is June 30. With little time left to influence the outcome, opponents and proponents are gearing up to sway public and congressional reaction to the final agreement, which lawmakers will have at least 30 days to review.

But opponents are counting on extra time to make their case. “I actually think there’s a fairly ­potent argument out there that for Democrats facing a deal like this, they may grow increasingly skeptical the more they know . . . the more they understand the scale of U.S. concessions to Iran,” said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who said his organization “supports a deal, it just doesn’t support this emerging deal.”


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