February 20, 2015 | Quote

How Would We Ever Verify a Deal with Iran?

Mark Dubowitz rhetorically asks: “Who negotiates by letting Iran win massive concessions without requiring it to answer IAEA questions about weaponization?” Stonewalling the IAEA calls into question the entire premise of the talks. “It is a delusion to believe you can effectively monitor, verify, inspect and enforce any nuclear agreement with Iran when it refuses to address the many outstanding IAEA questions about its past and possibly continuing weaponization activities,” says Dubowitz. “Without full access to the people, sites and documentation involved in these weaponization activities, the IAEA will be unable to establish a baseline against which it can assess whether or not Iran’s nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes.” He and other experts point to Iran’s refusal to comply with IAEA requests as indicative of just how flawed the Joint Plan of Action is.

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