January 28, 2015 | Townhall.com

Second Chances for Jihadists Must Stop

According to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, 30 percent of released Guantanamo detainees have engaged in further terrorist activities.

One such man was Abdallah al-Ajmi. Captured in Pakistan in December 2001, al-Ajmi was a Taliban fighter and self-proclaimed Jihadist. He was transferred to Guantanamo and remained there until his release in 2005. While at Gitmo, he told a military review board that he wanted to kill as many Americans as possible. Nonetheless, despite a history of violence at Gitmo, he was returned to his native country Kuwait. According to the Washington Post, on March 23, 2008 al-Ajmi drove a pick-up truck full of explosives through an Iraqi military base entrance point in Mosul. The blast killed 13 Iraqi soldiers and wounded 42 civilians.

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