January 27, 2015 | Quote

Democrats Fold, Of Course, on Iran Sanctions

Likewise, John Hannah of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies testified:

“I worry that, starting with the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), the United States has already agreed to a series of concessions that will make the achievement of a good deal very difficult. The decision 14 months ago to accede to Iran’s core demand that it retain an ability to enrich uranium was indeed a fateful one. It reversed longstanding U.S. policy opposing any Iranian enrichment and contravened six hard-won U.N. Security Council resolutions. It represented a strategic concession by the United States on an issue of central importance to Iran. Whatever the merits of the Joint Plan of Action, the fact is that Iran was required to make no reciprocal concession of even remotely similar strategic value to the United States. On the contrary, every commitment made by Iran under the JPOA has been strictly tactical in nature and easily reversible. The administration’s concession on enrichment had the effect of transforming the fundamental objective of U.S. strategy toward Iran. It represented the abandonment of the goal of eliminating Iran’s capability to produce nuclear weapons. Instead, the United States retreated to the much less ambitious goal of simply extending the time it would take Iran to break out to a nuclear bomb.”

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