January 16, 2015 | Quote

Belgium Police Foil ‘Major Attack,’ Killing Two Terror Suspects

He did point out, though, that these sorts of attacks are the sort that European member states may be confronted with as more and more European fighters in Syria return home.

“This is one of the realities that we have to live with nowadays, as more Syrian fighters come back,” Ruyver said. “Let’s not forget that those people were not only trained, they were also active in the war situation in Syria. So they are very well trained they know how to use weapons and I think some of them are indeed a danger to our society—but not all of them and it’s important to make that distinction. And I think it's important to take more preventative measures to prevent radicalization.”

Plus: “When you have a major tragedy like what occurred in Paris, western countries are going to be looking at problems internally,” Daveed Garensteen Ross, a terrorism analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Mashable.

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