October 6, 2014 | Quote

Banker who financed 9/11 mastermind now funding terrorists in Syria and Iraq

Dr David Weinberg, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who recently testified on Qatari terror finance before the US Congress, said he was preparing a report which would name 20 Qataris with links to terror financing.

“The scope of Qatar-based terrorist fundraising is astonishing,” said Dr Weinberg, “According to current US officials, tiny Qatar has displaced its much bigger neighbour Saudi Arabia as the number one source of private donations to Isil and other violent extremists in Syria and Iraq.”

Dr Weinberg added: “Qatar has a long history of turning a blind eye to backers of al-Qaeda in its midst. Now the Qataris are repeating history all over again, refusing to arrest blacklisted terror financiers right under their noses. The known al-Qaeda funders whom they let out of jail have gone on to become some of terrorism’s top moneymen, boosting Isil, Khorasan, and other al-Qaeda linked groups.”

Dr Weinberg argued that al-Subaiy had received “a trivially short sentence” in 2006, adding: “This is a man who is on the United Nations terrorism blacklist that unambiguously obligates Qatar to take stronger action against him. These cases shock the conscience.”

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