September 30, 2014 | Quote

Algeria, Oklahoma Beheadings Suggest Islamic State Reach Extends Beyond Mideast

That message of violence has been especially attractive to young foreign fighters, says Clifford May, president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“If you look at the videos that are coming out of the Islamic State and the way that they’re marketing themselves, they’re saying, ‘Come build this project this Islamic glory that existed in the past. You should be part of the enterprise, and we will value you,” Mr. May says. “And we have to say, to a certain extent, they are succeeding. We are seeing thousands of young Muslims from dozens of countries giving up their lives and their families and going there to fight.”

The danger associated with that attraction is that young Muslims who hail from Western countries could travel overseas to fight side by side with the group, only to return from that battle and launch attacks on their home countries, says Mr. May.

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