January 28, 2014 | Quote

Morning Bits

The Resurgent is counseling Republicans that the GOP shouldn’t just talk about repealing Obamacare: “Talking in the affirmative on health care includes in part advocating for policies that empower individuals to choose a health care plan that fits their needs, increasing competition with the purchase of health care plans across state lines, incentivizing health care savings accounts, and allowing individuals to both take a new job and keep their current coverage. The end goal of these and other conservative reforms is to help control the cost of health care. If you’re not talking about the cost of care, you’re bypassing voters’ top priority on this issue.”

Jonathan Schanzer sounds an alert about a troubling alliance as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits Tehran. ”The U.S. Treasury warned Turkey today that Iran ‘is not open for business.’ However, countries are undeniably lining up to do business with Tehran. With Turkish officials openly acknowledging new economic benefits to reap as a result of sanctions relief from the [interim Iran deal], Erdogan’s visit may signal that Turkey has opted to swim with the current.

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