December 2, 2013 | Quote

Canadian Diplomats Skeptical of Iran Deal

His bags haven’t even arrived yet in Ottawa, but Israel’s new ambassador to Canada, Rafi Barak, has already gotten straight to work.

On Wednesday evening, Barak participated in a conference call that the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs hosted that featured Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, who was recently honored by UN Watch for his work on human rights and support of Israel. In the call, Barak echoed the trepidation of his fellow Israeli diplomats over the recent interim agreement with Iran.

“As my prime minister said, instead of a historic agreement, we feel it’s a historic mistake,” Barak said.

Two other experts on the call, Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, and Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, both expressed similar skepticism over Iran’s intentions in the coming six months.

Dubowitz said that “the Geneva agreement’s real flaw is, it fails to confront Iran’s weaponization research,” and added that the world powers had put far too much trust in Iran’s ability to implement all the conditions and police itself.

“Tehran surrendered little in terms of the nuclear, and gained much economically.

It’s all ‘trust,’ and literally next to no ‘verify,’” he said. 

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