September 30, 2013 | Quote

Iran and Israel Both Sceptical Over US Deal

The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards publicly criticised Hassan Rouhani, the new president, for accepting last week's historic phone call from Barack Obama that broke decades of official silence between the two countries.

The domestic criticism in Iran came as the growing rapprochement between the two came under pressure from Benjamin Netanyahu, theIsraeli prime minister, who met with Mr Obama in the White House to warn the US against being taken in by Iranian “sweet talk”.

Elements from both sides of the Middle East divide have been making common cause against a prospective deal that would see Iran give up its designs on a nuclear weapon in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and limited access to uranium enrichment for civilian purposes.

“Netanyahu's nightmare is an Obama administration that, in its eagerness for a historical deal with Iran, trades away short term sanctions relief for Iranian nuclear concessions that become increasingly less enforceable and verifiable over time,” said Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, a think tank that has argued for a tough line against Tehran.

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