July 8, 2013 | Quote

What Now for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for mass protests following Friday prayers and this may provide a window into which direction the wind is blowing. Radical Salafi supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi have indicated that violence and terrorism will be their response.

Mohammad Zawahiri, the Egyptian-based brother of al-Qaida leader Ayman Zawahiri, called for the organization to wage a jihad to save Morsi and his Islamist agenda for Egypt, according to a report by Raymond Ibrahim at the Gatestone Institute.

Ibrahim cites another Arab report quoting Mohammad Zawahiri as stating, “If matters reach a confrontation, then to be sure, that is in our favor – for we have nothing to lose. And at all times and places where chaos reigns, it’s often to the jihad’s advantage.”

As for the Muslim brothers in Egypt, Litvak said that they “did not resort to terrorism under worse circumstances in the past” and are “more likely to seek to reorganize their ranks and infrastructure and run in the next elections.”

Jonathan Schanzer, vice president for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, explained that Islamists throughout the region see the coup and are nervous about its repercussions.

The Brotherhood-dominated opposition in Jordan could suffer as a result of the coup as well, he said.

Schanzer believes the Brotherhood will have to re-invent itself to stay relevant as its reputation for clean government has been tarnished. He noted that it will be interesting to see how Morsi’s strongholds respond, particularly those in northern Egypt.

Islamists are already complaining, he said, that “the West does not respect the ballot box.”

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