June 24, 2013 | Quote

We Hardly Knew ‘Ya, Rami

President William Henry Harrison served only 31 days. Rami Hamdallah, appointed this month as the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister, didn’t make it that far.

Jonathan Schanzer explains:

 As [Hamdallah] wrote on his Twitter account today, “The situation in this country forced me to resign. Conflicts, confusion, corruption. Palestine needs a real political reform.”

Hamdallah’s criticism of the Palestinian Authority echoes that of his predecessor Salam Fayyad, who quit amidst strong differences of opinion with Abbas over the importance of transparency and institution building in Palestinian governance.

In other words, Abbas’s appointment of Hamdallah backfired. Abbas wanted a weak premier who could enable him [to] consolidate power. He tapped Hamdallah because he was a political neophyte and a Fatah party loyalist. But Hamdallah, with his parting shot on Twitter, is very clearly challenging Abbas’ governing style, if not his very authority.

The shorter version: The Palestinian Authority (PA) is dysfunctional and rife with corruption, reaffirming how asinine is Secretary of State John Kerry’s talk about reviving the “peace process.”

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