May 9, 2013 | Quote

9 Disturbingly Good Jihadi Raps

In the spirit of Ben Smith's “11 BuzzFeed Lists That Explain the World” for the May/June 2013 issue of Foreign Policy, the FP staff decided to look at the world through BuzzFeed's eyes for a day. For more, check out 14 Hairless Cats That Look Like Vladimir Putin, 7 Things North Korea Is Really Good At, 36 Mustaches That Explain Why There's No Peace in the Middle East, and 1 Pentagon Weapons System That Was on Time and Under Budget.

8. “Motive Transportation” – Sons of Hagar

Another group singled out by Gartenstein-Ross in his review of “Dirty Kuffar,” the Sons of Hagar are a Washington state-based duo who specialize in anti-government conspiracy theories, anti-Israel tracts, and violent fantasies like this one:

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