October 15, 2012 | WKRG - Alabama

News Update

A terrorism expert tells News 5 Daphne High School graduate and suspected terrorist Omar Hammami has likely been the target of US military drone strikes.

Bill Roggio, Senior Fellow for Foundation For Defense of Democracies, says Hammami could be running out of places to hide.

“He is being hunted by the US,” says Roggio. “I'm told he's the target of drone strikes, although the US won't confirm.”

The former Daphne High School student and current member of al-Shabaab is not only wanted by the US government on charges of terrorism, Hammami's days could be numbered within his own terrorist organization.

Hammami recently recorded video claiming high-ranking al-Shabaab leaders wanted to kill him.

“To Western Muslims he has his own little fan club…he's not only a propagandist but a financial backer and a military commander,” says Roggio.

US Attorney Keynon Brown of the Southern District of Alabama indicted Hammami in 2007 on charges of terrorism including providing weapons of mass destruction to anti-American militia.

Brown says the former University of South Alabama student was targeted by overseas extremists- terrorists preying on young Americans struggling with the own religious beliefs and political identities.

“The information they market is geared towards young Americans,” says Brown. “They make it seem hip and exciting in order to attract youth who might be persuaded.”

Roggio says Hammami has “celebrity” status to an extent in Somalia…living in an oceanside town with three wives and five children.

“This gave him meaning in his life and filled a void- the underdog fighting the big bad powers….a powder-keg situation that can draw youth into that realm.”


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