November 23, 2011 | Quote

What Happens If Iran Gets The Bomb?

Benjamin Weinthal explains what sorts of new sanctions might succeed in preventing an Iranian bomb. Marc Tracy imagines how China could be brought on board. And Ackerman develops a contingency containment strategy that might strengthen the American hand in the Middle East. For my part, I cannot see how we can prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, and I cannot see how we can prevent the current insane Israeli government from launching a war on Amalek, if Netanyahu and Barak are as deranged as Dagan and others fear they are. And if they do strike first, the impact on the West – a wave of Jihadism, a masssive attempt to unleash weapons of mass destruction on the West as revenge – would be cataclysmic. Not just in terms of human casualties but in terms of pushing what's left of the world into the worst depression of all time. If Israel believes this will help Israel, they truly need to be saved from themselves.


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