October 11, 2011 | WEBY - Florida

Your Turn

Besides the recent UN Palestinian Statehood initiative, we clearly have the emerging pressure from the Obama Admnistration via SECDEF Leon Panetta and the Quartet initiative to engage in discussions between the two parties, the PA  and Netanyahu's assent.  We have revelations about the increasing problems in Syria with Assad and the lack of a coherent opposition despite the recent National Council opposition annoucnment that  involves secular reformers, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Kurds. Then there are the dire threats against Christians in Egypt & Syria in the wake of the Arab Spring and the execution sentencing of an apostate Pastor in Iran that has caught the world's attention. Further, there is the matter of where those tens of thousands of rockets and missiles left in the Libyan desert  by the waning Gadaffi regime will go.  Finally, there is the matter of Congressional sentiment to withhold aid to the PA.


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