August 18, 2011 | Quote

Obama Tolerates Terror Operations Run Out of Syria’s Embassy

Aside from the impact on our own citizens, American quietude is inexplicable from a diplomatic standpoint. Tony Badran, a Syria expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, e-mailed me: “The administration’s reasoning had been not to rock this boat in order not to jeopardize Ambassador Ford’s freedom of movement in Syria. However, as was rather obvious, the Syrian regime ended up restricting Ford’s movement anyway.” Badran explains, “Prior to heading back to Damascus following his appearance before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ford had insisted that he would continue to move around Syria, to bear witness and show US solidarity with the protesters. It would appear now that this mission is no longer possible.” He adds, “ If indeed his ability to do his job has been severely curtailed, then the argument for publicly expressing a US break with Assad by expelling his ambassador and recalling ours will return.”