February 14, 2004 | Broadcast

Big Story Weekend Edition

SUSAN ESTRICH, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: Oh, I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on from what I hear, some of them are checking out those travel brochures. Roy Neel has a calendar in his office that goes through February 17th, I fear Carl’s being very nice. I think one of the top Dean staffers he’s referring to is the campaign manager. What I think we’re seeing is that the Dean campaign is going to be for all intents and purposes over. I think it’s a tough time to transition out when you’ve lost. It’s going to be Kerry and Edwards. And the question is, how long it’s going to be Kerry versus Edwards, and does it become Kerry and Edwards?

COSBY: Well, right now, it’s Kerry going up against Bush. And Bush going up against Kerry. Cliff, the latest salvo, we’re seeing some nasty ads going on both sides. The Bush team first coming out and going after special interests on Kerry. Kerry responding to that. Is this sort of sign of the times? That Internet ad, that is one that the Bush team put out.

CLIFFORD MAY: I’m afraid it is sort of sign of the times. I’m worried, because it’s only February, and we’re seeing some of the angriest, nastiest campaigning we have ever seen. We saw it all through the Democratic primary campaign, I suppose. That primary campaign was initially a race about who could bash Bush the hardest, and then became a race for who was most likely to defeat President Bush. Not a lot about policy. I do think it’s disturbing.

COSBY:…Today, we just heard for the very first time we heard from someone in the Alabama National Guard who resolved (ph) the question of Bush had actually shown up in Alabama. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) for
Texas. But now this guy was a retired lieutenant colonel, I believe, saying, yes, he saw Bush there all the time. Is that going to put it to rest? And what about Kerry and the shots of him that at the things with Jane Fonda, the peace rallies?

MAY: Kerry could put an end to it right now. One phone call to Terry McAuliffe. When the Bush campaign …

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