May 16, 2019 | Visual

Iranian Nuclear Weapon Schematic

May 16, 2019 | Visual

Iranian Nuclear Weapon Schematic

Schematic with translation

An Iranian schematic (with translation), from the Nuclear Archive, of a levitated nuclear weapon design, i.e. one with an air gap and flyer plate to increase compression of the core, based on the use of weapon-grade uranium

Iran was planning to make 5 nuclear weapons. Read our full report on this, or the summary. “Project 110” under the Amad Plan was in charge of the production of the nuclear weapons (see organizational chart).

* Information on the main charge can also be found in the shock wave generator report.

Graphic: Iranian Nuclear Weapon Schematic, Institute for Science and International Security & FDD

Reports on Key Individual Components

Shock wave generator, report

Flyer plate, report

Uranium 235 core, full report and summary

Neutron source (uranium deuteride initiator), report


Download Schematic

Iranian Nuclear Weapon Schematic


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