January 3, 2018 | The Hill

Venezuela’s not-so-happy new year

Venezuela has the largest known oil reserves in the world, yet is running out of money. Years of gross negligence and endemic corruption have resulted in economic disaster and a humanitarian crisis. While military and government officials profit from aiding international drug trafficking, terrorism, and massive bribery schemes, Venezuelan citizens are suffering from massive shortages of food and medicine. In her latest piece for The Hill, Michaela Frai argues that the US should use a twofold approach. This approach consists of bringing those accused of crimes to justice in international and American courts as well as working with international organizations to save the lives of Venezuelans suffering from extreme poverty, starvation and disease.

An excerpt from the article follows:

“As his economy collapsed, Maduro quashed any remaining semblance of democracy. The military is increasingly in control of the administration as current and retired generals take over already corrupt institutions, further exploiting their well-established food and medicine import schemes. The diversion and manipulation of these imported staples allow military officials to collect massive profits at the expense of starving Venezuelan families.”

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Michaela Frai is a research associate for the Latin America Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Follow her on Twitter @MichaelaFrai.

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