August 2, 2017 | Quoted by Stephen Bryen - Defense News

Target practice and North Korea’s missiles

There is a way to slow down North Korea’s missile program and there is no need to launch any military attack on the Pyongyang regime.

Right now there is growing worry about North Korea’s nuclear program and its burgeoning arsenal of short, medium and long range missiles, including alleged ICBMs. While the North Koreans have not demonstrated conclusively their ability to hit a target with their missile, or even cover the range many experts seem to think is possible with their new long range rocket, there is no doubt that practice makes perfect.

There are two partial solutions that can prove helpful. One I have already written about, which is to have a government in exile for North Korea to replace the Kim dictatorship. Others, especially Michael Ledeen have proposed that the United States get behind the opposition in Iran and lend them credible support. The Obama administration went in the exact opposite direction in respect to both North Korea and Iran. Will Trump do otherwise? He may, because this is too juicy a proactive opportunity to walk away from.

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