April 14, 2016 | Quoted by Russ Read - The Daily Caller

Former Top US General In Iraq Says Beating ISIS Would Require 50,000 Troops

Retired Army Gen. Ray Odierno believes it will take around 50,000 troops to destroy Islamic State, and as the former commander of U.S. forces in Iraq for several years during the wave and occupation, he knows what it takes to fight terrorism.

Odierno’s mental prowess matches his immense physical stature. When he walks into a room, he is hard to miss, but it is when he sits down and discusses the security challenges facing the U.S. that he becomes particularly engaging. Though he retired in 2015 after nearly 40 years of military service, Odierno is still willing to offer his expertise on the ISIS challenge.

The predominant question asked to every defense official or analyst is how many U.S. troops it will take to destroy ISIS. Odierno was asked the same question Wednesday while accepting an award at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy’s Washington Forum. It was one of the first he was asked just moments after receiving his award.


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