October 2, 2012 | Press Release

Experts on Today’s Riots in Iran

Mark Dubowitz – FDD Executive Director and Director of FDD's Iran Energy Project

Battle Rial is underway. Sanctions were designed to put the regime to a choice between an atomic weapon and its political survival. The assumption is that the regime, facing imminent economic collapse, would cry uncle and compromise at the negotiating table. A plunging currency and riots are a possible sign that the regime doesn't have the economic weapon, in the form of large foreign exchange reserves, to forestall an economic meltdown. Now is the time for the administration, congress and EU leaders to put their sanctions policy to the test their by blacklisting Iran's central bank, prohibiting most exports to Iran, and passing measures to accelerate capital flight from Iran. Nothing will strip Iran of its foreign exchange reserves faster than steps to encourage Iranians to look for foreign safe havens for their savings. Let's turn the sanctions dial up to ten and see how strong Supreme Leader Khamenei's nuclear resolve really is.

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