August 20, 2012 | FDD’s Long War Journal

Mullah Omar Addresses Green-On-Blue Attacks

In this year's Eid al Fitr message to the Afghan people, Taliban supremo Mullah Omar addressed the issues of the green-on-blue attacks (Afghan forces attacking ISAF troops) and the infiltration of the Afghan security forces.

The statement was released by the Taliban and obtained by the SITE Intelligence Group (Voice of Jihad has been out of sorts the past couple of days). The lengthy statement (nearly seven pages long, with 33 points) included his views on the war (the Taliban is winning, he says); negotiations (they are strictly for prisoner exchanges and furthering the Taliban's goal of international recognition); the reestablishment of sharia (he of course wants that); and other issues.

But the statements on infiltration, green-on-blue attacks, and the call for Afghan forces to defect are interesting in light of recent developments. Last week, there were five green-on-blue attacks, resulting in the deaths of seven US soldiers. This year, such attacks have made up 13 percent of ISAF's total casualties [see LWJ report, 2 more ISAF troops wounded in latest green-on-blue attack, for more details on the green-on-blue attacks].

Omar claims that the Taliban “cleverly infiltrated in the ranks of the enemy according to the plan given to them last year.” He urges government officials and security personnel to defect and join the Taliban as it is their religious duty to do so, and then warns that “the day is not far away that the invading enemy will flee Afghanistan.” He also notes that the Taliban have created the “Call and Guidance, Luring and Integration” department, “with branches … now operational all over the country,” to encourage defections. Below are excerpted portions of Omar's statement:

3. Mujahideen have cleverly infiltrated in the ranks of the enemy according to the plan given to them last year. Many conscious Afghans in the rank and files of the enemy have shown willingness to help the Mujahideen in a shrewd and astute manner after having come around to know the reality. As a result, the foreign invaders and their allies in their military centers and bases do come under crushing blows of these heroic soldiers. We appreciate these brave and historical heroes and the entire nation pays them great tributes. We expect others to display the same boldness and spirit. Thanks to the infiltration of the Mujahideen, they are able to (safely) enter bases, offices and intelligence centers of the enemy. Then, they easily carry out decisive and coordinated attacks, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy both in life and equipment. Furthermore, a great number of soldiers join the ranks of Mujahideen, carrying their heavy and light weapons and ammunition, after leaving the ranks of the enemy. The Mujahideen honor them and provide them protection. In the recent days, you and we were witness of such frequent incidents.

29. I invite all personnel of the Kabul Administration, particularly, the personnel of police and army, their officers and the employees of the intelligence department to abandon support of the invaders against your religion and country; join the ranks of Mujahideen like your heroic colleagues– those who deal crushing blows at the invaders from time to time. Join the current struggle aimed at liberating your country and ousting the foreign usurpers– a struggle which is on the verge of victory, if God willing. This will give you a successful and proud life here and in the Hereafter, you will be among the pious men of the Creator and the Master (of all Beings).

30. It is more proper for you to take advantage of this opportunity because the day is not far away that the invading enemy will flee Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has added in its organizational charter a department by the name of Call and Guidance, Luring and Integration. Its branches are now operational all over the country so that, in addition to other services, they may provide you facilities to leave the ranks of the enemy and join the Mujahideen.

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