April 16, 2012 | The Weekly Standard

Assad’s Violence Continues

Here's video from Homs, documenting yet more violations of the Kofi Annan-brokered Syrian ceasefire that the Obama administration is celebrating:

Assad forces are firing mortar rounds, while the cameraman says, “it's the 14, Kofi Annan”—in other words, two days after the ceasefire was supposed to have been implemented, Assad forces are still shooting at the opposition.

The White House sees a “notable reduction” of violence in Syria, but deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes says the Assad regime needs “to respect the right of peaceful protest across Syria, they need to provide for humanitarian access and they need to demonstrate a commitment to a political transition that's responsive in the Syrian people.”

While the administration is filling out its wish list, it might as well add that Assad also needs to stop the killing. But the strongman won't, he can't. And so the fact that Obama officials are backing the Annan “process” is evidence of their naiveté concerning the nature of the murderous regime in Damascus. Or it suggests a cynicism so profound that White House policy has effectively enabled Assad to get on with his bloody work.


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