February 8, 2011 | Pajamas Media

Watch It Now – Iranium

Roger Simon already sent up a flare about an important new documentary on the threat of a nuclear Iran: Iranium. I’ve just watched it, and this is to second Roger’s endorsement — this is one you have to see. On Tuesday — today — it’s available all day free on the web. It runs about 60 minutes. You will not be bored. Here’s a link to the site.

This isn’t simply a film about Iran’s nuclear program. It’s a fast-paced story of how Iran became an epicenter of terror and driving force behind today’s global wave of Islamist terrorism. It goes back to a young Jimmy Carter declaring in 1978 that Iran was “an island of stability,” to the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, the growth of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the terrorist networks and bombings with which Iran’s Islamic regime has spread its influence, and the reasons why Iran is not going to be negotiated out of making nuclear weapons. Even if you think you know more than enough about all this, Iranium brings it vividly to life — and hits home with the message that America can no longer afford a continuing failure of will.

Full disclosure: This film features comments from a number of folks I work with at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. There are also comments from Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, Ambassador John Bolton, and a great many more. And, to powerful effect, this film includes clips in which Iran’s rulers speak for themselves, elaborating at home and abroad on what they mean by “Death to America.” Watch it, send it around. This is one that Americans of all parties — Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea or Other — need to see.

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