September 23, 2008 | Press Release

Bestselling Author Pulls No Punches in New Plan to Solve America’s Energy Crisis

September 23, 2008
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Bestselling Author Pulls No Punches in New Plan to Solve America’s Energy Crisis
Plan Would Introduce Diversity Where it is Badly Needed – America’s Energy Base
WASHINGTON, D.C (September 23, 2008)-With elections just over a month away, Set America Free Coalition member and New York Times bestselling investigative author Edwin Black offers the next president a bold plan to withstand an imminent oil shock.

In his latest book, The Plan: How to Save America When the Oil Stops-or the Day Before (Dialog Press), he lays out the precise circumstances that could cause a protracted oil interruption and what to do about it.

A key measure according to Black’s plan is the enactment of an Open Fuel Standard requiring that new cars be capable of operating on a broad spectrum of alcohol fuels in addition to gasoline. The Open Fuel Standard would immediately break the transportation fuel monopoly of oil and can be accomplished for as little as $100 per new vehicle.

Legislation that would enact an Open Fuel Standard was introduced in 2008 and enjoys bipartisan political support in both the House and Senate. The bill requires that 50 percent of all new vehicles by 2012 and 80 percent by 2015 offer consumers fuel choice. “There is no need to wait until 2012. It can be done now,” writes Black.

“Our economy is already in crisis and the last thing we need now is an oil supply disruption. And yet, throughout the world terrorists are targeting oil supply and the threat of a blockage of the Strait of Hormuz is higher than ever. It would be reckless for America not to have a plan for an energy Pearl Harbor,” said Gal Luft, Set America Free co-founder.

Edwin Black is embarking upon a 50-city, 300-event book and media tour commencing September 22, 2008.  He will be a speaker at the Energy Freedom Summit in Chicago Oct. 24-25. He is available for interviews and appearances.

The Set America Free coalition brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations from across the political spectrum. Concerned about the security and economic implications of America’s growing dependence on foreign oil, members include security experts, environmental leaders, former prisoners of war, 9-11 families, business and religious leaders who believe that fuel choice in the transportation sector can strip oil of its strategic value, deny our adversaries the wherewithal they use to harm us, and help protect our quality of life and economy against the effects of cuts in foreign energy supplies and rising costs of oil.

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