August 30, 2008 | Pajamas Media

The Fun Begins

Until today, this presidential campaign has been a grinding experience to watch. It has been mostly about getting to know Barack Obama, who whether on world speed-tour, or columned stage, Berlin or Denver, inhabits realms in which the oratory is too thick, and the air is too thin. It’s all perorations, promises and pathos. Joe Biden riding the acela every day is just not enough to bring it down to earth.

Now, on the other side, with McCain’s VP pick, we have a former runner-up for Miss Alaska, who knows how to use a gun, and nixed the bridge to no where. This is suddenly wilder than a Macau poker game. But at least it feels real. Finally, I’m enjoying this election, and here’s some more relief — the best send-up yet of the Democratic litany, thank you, David Brooks! But let’s be fair. As the Republicans prepare to take the stage, where are the folks who produced this splendid even-handed tribute to our candidates of 2004?

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