August 23, 2008 | National Review Online

Nuclear Cooperation Pact with Russia Stalls

In the wake of Russia's aggression in Georgia, I recently implored the Bush administration to withdraw the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, which it submitted to Congress in the Spring.  The Wall Street Journal reports today that the pact is probably dead, at least for now, even though the administration has not pulled it.  As I detailed in my article, there was already stiff opposition.

As the WSJ notes, Sen. Biden somewhat glumly states, 'Russia's actions have already erased the possibility of advancing legislative efforts to promote U.S.-Russian partnership … including an agreement to allow for increased collaboration with Russia on nuclear energy production.'  The fact that he was inclined to support the agreement provides some indication of what a swell idea it is.  It is also an indicator that Biden is a completely hidebound foreign-policy thinker, apt to sign on to whatever progressive fad the State Department and the 'international community' elites happen to be promoting that day.

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