July 16, 2008 | Institute for the Study of War

Iraq Statistics Reference

For updated information on trends of insurgent organization and activity, cache discoveries, casualty rates and trends of violence, including graphs and charts released by MNF-I and MNC-I, access the July 2008 Iraq Statistics Reference here (PDF file).
Contents of this report include:

Enemy Disposition

'“ Al Qaeda in Iraq
'“ Comparison of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Sunni Insurgents

Attack Data

'“ Overall Weekly Security Incidents (September 2004 to June2008) (UPDATED)

'“ Ethno'�sectarian violence in Baghdad (December 2006'�May 2008) (UPDATED)

'“ Ethno'�sectarian violence in Baghdad (December 2006'�December 2007)

Iraqi Civilian  and Coalition Casualty Data

'“ Iraqi Forces and U.S. Military Deaths (January 2006'�February 2008)

'“ Iraqi Civilian Deaths (January 2006'�February 2008)

'“ Ethno'�Sectarian Deaths (January 2006'�February 2008)

Weapons Cache Data

'“ Weapons Caches Found and Cleared by Coalition Forces (January 2004'�July 2008) (UPDATED)