July 8, 2008 | National Review Online

Cordesman: “U.S. Won’t Let Israel Attack Iran”

The Jerusalem Post reports that Anthony Cordesman, the former Pentagon official and current analyst for ABC, made the remark during a meeting with Israeli defense analysts held by the Institute of National Security Studies. According to Cordesman, the JPost says,

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi was notified of the United States’ stance regarding Iran by Admiral Michael Mullen, the top uniformed US Army officer, during Mullen’s visit here at the end of June. The US opted at this point to stick to the diplomatic track in its efforts to keep Iran from going nuclear, and has made clear to Israel that it shouldn’t attack Iran without White House approval, Cordesman said. He added that the current US policy is likely to remain unchanged at least until the next US president is sworn in. Israeli officials confirmed that Cordesman’s statements indeed reflected the current tone of US policy.