June 16, 2008 | National Review Online


 If this gem from the Minnesota Star Tribune doesn’t make you ill, nothing will.  It’s from a typical media account about how difficult it is for devout Muslims to endure the trials and tribulations of employment in America — you know, outrages like having to wear a uniform at a job that requires one:

 “We have a saying in Somalia that ‘he who approaches the lion does not know what a lion is,’” said Abdi Sheikhosman, a professor of Islamic law at the University of Minnesota. “Many Somalis arrive here not knowing the history of racial divide in this country. They don’t know the lion they are up against.”

Yes, what an awful country America is.  That, no doubt, is why Somalis keep coming to Minnesota in droves … and staying – rather than returning to serene, tolerant places like Mogadishu.

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