June 12, 2008 | National Review Online

Blankley on Kurtz on De Zutter on Obama

 Tony Blankley wonders why the mainstream press is ignoring the serious questions about Obama and the radical Left raised by Stanley’s important NRO article from June 2.  Blankley, among other things, asks:

[G]iven how much the media has covered both the Pfleger and Wright matters, when a respectable journal, such as National Review, runs an article by a journalist of established credibility, such as Stanley Kurtz, that suggests a different and far more disturbing interpretation of Obama’s relationships with Wright and Pfleger, a responsible mainstream media would seek out Obama and, at the minimum, ask him whether the things the 1995 De Sutter article quotes him as saying are, in fact, things he said. They might even ask him to explain himself. Because if the 1995 article is an accurate reflection of what Obama said, then most of what he has said in the past few months about the Wright affair and Trinity United Church of Christ could not continue to be viewed as believable.

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