June 12, 2008 | National Review Online

5 to 4

I was going out the door this morning when I learned about the Supreme Court ruling — that the American people had lost to radical Islam, 5 to 4.

I was on my way to Shea Stadium.  Because of some things that came up, we had to cancel a family vacation this week.  To ease the blow, I promised my almost 6-year-old, Edward, that I’d take him to his first big league game.  Today.  To my delight, he is a nut for baseball — cannot take his eyes off it.  He’s been talking about it, bragging to his friends about it, for days.  All he wanted to do was get to “the big Shea” at least once before they knock it down at the end of this year.  And so we did.

It turned out to be a glorious June day … and the most excruciating one of the season.  The Mets lost.  5 to 4.

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