February 1, 2008 | Press Release

FDD Welcomes Burak Kuntay as Visiting Fellow

“FDD endeavors to recruit the most influential, respected and promising experts in the fields of national security and international relations,” said FDD President Clifford D. May.  “Mr. Kuntay continues this standard of excellence and will contribute invaluable experience and perspective to our efforts to understand Turkey and respond to the changing political environment of the region. I am confident he will prove to be a valuable asset to FDD and a resource for policy makers and lawmakers in Washington.”

Mr. Kuntay is a prominent voice in the Turkish political debate. He has served as the president of the youth organization of the Dogru Yol Partisi (a center-right political party in Turkey). He was also an advisor to the president of the DYP party. Additionally, Mr. Kuntay is a columnist in the Dunya newspaper in Turkey and has previously been a columnist for the Ekhobar newspaper in Turkey. He is a regular guest on Fox TV (Turkey) and CNN Turk.

His academic studies have focused on Turkish-American Relations, American foreign policy towards Turkey, the Turkish political system, the political behavior in Turkish politics and the Party organizations and internal party politics within Turkey. Mr. Kuntay will continue researching these issues at FDD.

Read Burak Kuntay’s full bio here.