August 21, 2006 | Press Release

FDD Fellow Releases New Book

Professor Bradley Watson, an FDD 2005-06 Academic Fellow, is the editor of a new book, The West at War.  He brings together renowned scholars and public policy experts to reflect on perhaps the most pressing problem of our time — the West's increasingly bloody conflict with forces that seek nothing less than its destruction. In eleven provocative chapters, contributors deal with the internal challenges and external conflicts facing Western civilization in the context of the “war on terror.” Ranging from the nature of Islam and the West, to ethics and terror, to the western way of warfare, the volume deals thematically with major issues raised by this conflict. Contributors bring to bear arguments on the philosophic, political, religious, ethical, and policy dimensions of the war. As the title of the book suggests, this conflict implicates all of Western civilization, demonstrating that this not merely an “American” concern.

List of Contributors: Akbar Ahmed, Robert Alt, Alberto R. Coll, Barry Cooper, David D. Corey, Leon Craig, James Kurth, Paul Marshall, David Tucker, Bradley C. S. Watson, and Kenneth R. Weinstein.

About the Author: Bradley C. S. Watson is Philip M. McKenna Chair in American And Western Political Thought and Fellow in Politics and Culture at Saint Vincent College.

For more information about his book, please go here.