March 17, 2006 | Press Release

FDD Senior Fellow Addresses Forum on the First Annual Anniversary of the Cedars Revolution



FDD Senior Fellow to Speak at Forum on the First Annual Anniversary of the Cedars Revolution

Washington, DC (May 17, 2006): FDD Senior Fellow Walid Phares will discuss an international strategy to defend the Cedars Revolution at a forum at the U.S. Capitol Building on Thursday, May 18.  Phares will join Congressmen Tom Feeney and Darrel Issa and members of the International Lebanese Committee for the Implementation of UNSCR 1559 and the World Council for Lebanon Cedar Revolution in support of the continued promotion of freedom and democracy in Lebanon.  FDD will have a report following the event.

Information on the event follows:

Congressmen Tom Feeney and Darrel Issa & The International Lebanese Committee for UNSCR 1559 & The World Council For Lebanon Cedar Revolution


We extend this invitation to you to participate in a forum at the US Congress in celebration of the first annual anniversary of the Cedars Revolution of Lebanon. Last year, one million and a half Lebanese citizens, with support from the Lebanese Diaspora and the United States and its allies, marched through Beirut against the Syrian occupation and the Terrorist organizations. As of the beginning of May 2005, the bulk of the Syrian army left Lebanon, allowing the Lebanese to look at their future with hope and aspirations.  


However, one year after, there is still a lot to be done to help Lebanon's civil society free its country from the remnant of Syrian intelligence, regain control of the Lebanese-Syrian border still under Baathist control and disarm all militias, particularly Hezbollah.

Hence, one more time, the Lebanese Diaspora and Lebanon's friends around the world, including in the United States are coming in solidarity with the Cedars Revolution. On May 18th, the under signed, are sponsoring a forum in the US Congress in support to freedom and democracy in Lebanon. We are please to co-sponsor this event with the World Council of the Cedars Revolution, representing Lebanese freedom activists from around the world and with the International Lebanese Committee for the Implementation of UNSCR 1559, an INGO dedicated for the fulfillment of the said UN resolution. 

Subjects of discussions:

1) The Lebanese – Syrian Borders
2) The role of the Lebanese army
3) Disarming the militias, including Hezbollah
4) Lebanese detainee in Syria
5) Mass graves in Lebanon and assassinations of civil society leaders
6) Other