December 27, 2003 | Op-ed

Benazir Bhutto Assassination: Strategic points about the Terror Attack

Strategic points about the Terror attack
1.Mrs Bhutto has been criticizing the Islamists constantly during her political campaigns, since her return to the country. Senior neo Taliban and Jihadist commanders had threatened to kill her. Last October, Baitullah Mehsud, a ain Taliban commander in South Waziristan threatened to kill Bhutto upon her return.
2. Mrs Bhutto was aware of the Taliban and al Qaeda threats but dismissed them. At a press conference in Dubai back in November Mrs Bhutto said “she did not fear 'militants and extremists,' acknowledging that Afghan and Arab militants as well as those of the Red Mosque had threatened her,” Dawn TV reported. “She said that threats to her life had been whipped up to 'intimidate me and the people of Pakistan.'” She added ” I don