Research Grants

Energy, Sustainability & Growth

Climate change and sustainability science reflect the unsustainable growth path followed in the past by the developed economies and some developing economies, implying an incessant and non-judicious use of natural resources, increasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Energy, Sustainability & Growth program of Foundation for Discovery and Development aims to support researchers investigate into green growth strategies that will promote a more inclusive growth model, bringing government, the civil society and businesses, in a synergistic manner in order to bring about the desired changes in the economy.

Agricultural Research & Innovation

Agriculture in developing countries is at the crossroads. Persistent food shortages are now being compounded by new threats arising from climate change. But developing countries face two major opportunities that can help transform their agriculture sector. First, advances in science and technology worldwide offer new tools needed to promote sustainable agriculture. Second, efforts to create regional markets will provide new incentives for agricultural production and trade. The Agricultural Research & Innovation grant program aims to support researchers in this area to investigate into the opportunities.

Education in Developing Economies

The most of the universities in developing countries are faced with new challenges related to participation in the global economy, meeting basic needs, and making the transition towards sustainability. These challenges require increased investment in the generation and use and diffusion of scientific and technological knowledge. In response, a number of countries from developing countries are exploring how universities could contribute directly to economic transformation. Education in Developing Economies aims to support researchers from the developing countries to understand how the education sector change the growth model of their countries.